Getting continuity in your Benguela game

One of the hardest things in a (Benguela) roda for beginning students is to keep moving. A lot of people don’t know what to do and as a result, they only ginga with a few movements here and there.

A while ago I worked on some classes to help my students overcome this very problem. Now I’d like to share my ideas with more people, hence this post!


Toques De Berimbau

Playing the berimbau in capoeira is all about knowing the right rhythms, which are also known as toques. Here you can find a comprehensive list of toques, along with common and less common variations (also known as repiques or viradas) and contra-toques.

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How to prepare a class

Teaching capoeira isn’t about showing of what you can. It is about preparation and making sure your students come in contact with all the necessary aspects of capoeira. Preparing a class takes time, even more for novice teachers. I’d like to share my method as a guide to help other teachers out there.