4 years already!

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the Open Capoeira Blog, hooray!

When I decided to create a blog on that late evening in 2017, I had never imagined keeping it up for several years. Back then, I felt the need to have a project of my own, something that would help share my experiences and progress. Looking back, it was the right decision because the blog has helped to keep me motivated. I have learned lots of new things while doing research for articles and blogging has helped me become more involved with the broader capoeira community.

Since launching the website, I’ve written exactly 40 articles. this short announcement is 41 and the next one is on the way. I’m still not a great author and my English is lacking, but I’ll keep doing my best to write interesting articles where other capoeiras can learn from or relate to. Stay tuned and feel free to contact me with questions or feedback.

— Vinho

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