Capoeira podcasts & vlogs

Today I am sharing a list of podcasts and vlogs which are maintained by capoeiristas. There are some interesting streams out there, where both students and mestres share their thoughts and experiences. It’s a great way to stay connected with the community.


Song lyric and research: Galho Da Limeira

Today I would like to share a song that caught my attention earlier this week. It’s called Galho da Limeira (or Roseira) and it is mostly sung in Capoeira Angola, although you can use it in different styles as long as the tempo matches. I found 2 completely different versions of this song online and I like them both. Here are the different lyrics with some examples.

Tips & Tricks

Finding the lyric for a song: a few tips

We’ve all been there: you hear a cool capoeira song somewhere and you want to learn it yourself so you can sing it during the next class or roda. The only problem is, you don’t understand everything the singer is singing (because he mumbles, the audio quality is terrible, there is a lot of background noise, …). How do you go about getting the complete lyric for that song? It is a problem that I encounter quite often.