Capoeira Pop-up Shop

capoeira pop-up shop

Don’t you hate how capoeira t-shirts are mostly either of inferior quality or just aren’t pretty? Well, then you should check out the Capoeira Pop-up Shop.

It’s an online pop-up store based in Belgium with a unique collection of capoeira wear. The shop is only open until March 30th, after that the shop will permanently close.

The team behind the Pop-up Shop created a unique design and only uses high quality materials for their collection. Since the collection will only be printed once and sales are limited, this is a very limited edition of unique capoeira clothing.

The webshop is only available in Dutch, but no worries! There’s a page in English with all information. You can browse the website and contact them by e-mail ( to place your order or request information. They will propose a payment and shipping method depending on your location.

Below are some images of the collection.

— Vinho

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