The Capoeira Wardrobe Challenge

I am introducing a new challenge: #capoeirawardrobe!

The point is to share a picture of your complete collection of capoeira clothes and your favorite piece. Challenge three friends on Instagram or Facebook to do the same and check out who has the biggest wardrobe. You can use this text to share the challenge with your friends:

This is the capoeira wardrobe challenge. Post a picture of your complete wardrobe and your favorite piece. How big is your collection? Tag 3 friends to do the same and compare your wardrobes! I challenge [person X], [person Y] and [person Z]. #capoeirawardrobe #capoeira

My wardrobe

Over the course of 15 years and a half I have collected 62 T-shirts, 7 sweaters and hoodies and just 4 pairs of pants. I have lost some sweaters and abadás along the way, but I have never thrown out a T-shirt!

Here is a picture of my wardrobe:

Challenge: share your capoeira wardrobe with #capoeirawardrobe and compare with your friends!

Choosing a favorite T-shirt was pretty hard, but eventually I chose a shirt which I designed and sold myself a few years back. I love it for its simplicity and the quality of fabric (excuse the wrinkles!).

Capoeira Pop-up Shop

— Vinho

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