Pandeiro audio loops for music practice

A while ago I recorded various berimbau samples and made them available on YouTube as a learning aid. These can help you learn to play together with other instruments and to keep the beat. Even when you want to practice variations / improvisations, or you want to try singing a capoeira song, using loops can be very helpful.

Sometimes it’s easier for me to practice with a pandeiro or atabaque as reference than a berimbau, because it is a bit less distracting. So, a couple of months ago I made new samples, this time with the pandeiro. I made recordings on various speeds (using a metronome as a reference) and looped each sample to create 10 minute long tracks. Now I can use these as well when practicing music.

Of course I’m happy to share these little “tools”, so others can benefit from them as well. Below you can find a playlist with 5 different pandeiro loops:

Berimbau loops

And here’s the playlist containing the berimbau loops again:

— Vinho

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