Mestre Ferradura’s crowdfunding project

Mestre Ferradura, founder of the IBCE, has plans for a new social project. He states on the website:

The goal of the campaign is to raise funds to implement a year-long Capoeira-Education Program for 16 teenagers from the lower socio-economic tier.

He even made a fun promotional video which you can watch below:

To be able to turn this concept into reality, the Mestre is looking for support from the capoeira community. Therefore he has started a crowdfunding campaign.

A few days ago, the first major milestond of $10.000 was reached, which is already very impressive. To be able to further build out the project, the next milestone is set at $15.000. You can easily contribute by donating any amount you desire. For certain donations there are reards, like a 1:1 online session, a week of training in Rio or even getting Mestre Ferradura at your event!

I normally don’t share this sort of thing, but I actually believe in the potential and he helped me out before, so I wanted to do something in return. If you are interested in the project, and you have the resources to support it, the IBCE will greatly appreaciate any help!

All information on the project and how to contribute can be found here:

— Vinho

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